FAQ’s about Massey Ferguson Tractors

UAE being an economic hub has countless options in terms of commercial and agricultural tractors. Massey Ferguson Tractors have avidly satisfied its customers around the globe by ensuring timely delivery, excellent customer service, and value for money. This great initiative by the brand has turned thousands of its clients into returning customers thereby distinguishing the brand, namely Massey Ferguson Tractors, among others. Massey Ferguson Tractors are considered top-notch and highly desirable tractors among the farmer niche, not only in UAE but in Africa and many other countries as well.

Our website is quite user-friendly, where you will find plenty of knowledge about each farm implement and tractor and get to know their technical specifications. Our customer representatives are 24*7 available and when you need us for any query, we are just a call or message away. Our tractors for sale are easy to operate and can be easily used with little knowledge.

We are a tractor dealer company, operating in a number of countries and with the immense support from our customers, our operations are expanding online to the Emirati region as well.Our services are top tier and we have excelled in terms of providing a great user experience. We assure you that your expectations will be fulfilled, just give us a try and experience the rest for yourself!

Select the desired article, after visiting the website. Email us directly at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 0092 310 644 7788 to get in touch with our sales agents. From thereon, one of our sales team members will guide you on how to place an order.

At our online store in UAE, we do not deal in used tractors. We only have brand new inventory. The advantage of brand new tractors is that they have a longer life and tremendous performance capacity as compared to a used one.

Once we have received the required pay order against your order, our procurement team will initiate the procedure of arranging the ordered article. Within 5 to 6 weeks, your desired article will be at your destination. Being a time-oriented and punctual company, we will deliver your tractor on promised time. Our punctuality and timely delivery make us exceptional!

When purchasing the required agricultural machinery from our online tractor dealer company, our sales team ensures fully that all the necessary guidelines for maintaining the particular farm implement or tractor are shared with the customers. The recently bought agricultural machinery needs to be taken care of thoroughly, especially after every use. Besides, keeping the farm implement or tractor clean will increase its productivity for life.

At our tractor dealer in UAE, we offer everything that is concerned with agricultural machinery. Each and every component and spare part of the tractor is readily available in our inventory. However it is worth noting that we do not have an office or showroom in UAE. We export equipment and parts to your country.

Our inventory is quite huge. Every agricultural product that directly or indirectly aids in farming operations can be easily sourced through our website. From multipurpose farm implements to varied tractor ranges, you name it and we will deliver it.

You don’t need to worry at all as we are always there for your help. In case of a troubling farm implement, call us and get your farm implement fixed. Or if your farm implement is still under warranty period, as per your wish we will refund or exchange it. You can always count on us for all your agriculture-related queries.

We are The Best in The Agriculture Business in UAE

The UAE, with its diverse climate zones ranging from arid to humid, each region boasting unique soil types, land characteristics, and climatic conditions, grows a range of crops. We supply agricultural tractors of various horsepower to meet and exceed the farming requirements of UAE farmers. Massey Ferguson UAE is a leading supplier and dealer of brand new tractors ranging from 50 to 85 horsepower. Our models include the Massey Ferguson 240 with 50 hp, Massey Ferguson 260 with 60 hp, Massey Ferguson 360 (60hp with Hydrostatic power steering), Massey Ferguson 375 with 75hp, MF-385 with 85hp, and the MF-385 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) with 85hp. We also offer a broad selection of tractor implements such as disc ploughs, chisel ploughs, wheat threshers, cotton ridgers, and more.

Massey Ferguson Tractors UAE