Jib Crane

Jib Crane

Lift Capacity upto 500 Kgs (depending upon Tractor HP)
Height of lift 3 m
Overall length 2.54 m
Weight (approx) 72 Kgs
Tractor Compatibility 45-85 HP
Hitch pin Cat-II

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Uses and Benefits

A jib crane is a sort of overhead lifting device. Farmers commonly use it for repeated lifting operations in smaller areas. This equipment is quite adaptable as we can use it in along with overhead bridge cranes. This results in maximum productivity.


Its lifting capacity is up to 500 Kg, depending upon the horsepower of the tractor. Its height of lift is 3 meters and its overall length is 2.54 meters. It has Hitch pin Cat-II and a weight of 72 Kgs approximately. Its tractor compatibility is 45-85 HP.

Uses in UAE

For our UAE farmers, jib cranes can be utilized to transport, lift, and lower cargo. It has a lifting capacity of 30,000 pounds. It is dependable and will do the task on schedule. They help in elevating productivity while also saving UAE farmers from injuries and more manual labor.