Cotton Ridger

Cotton Ridger

Cotton Ridger Specification
Power Source 60-70 HP Tractors.
No. of Tines 9 Nos.
Type Hydraulic
Overall Length 90 inch
Overall Height 43 inch
Overall Width 36 inch
Overall Length (max) 80 inch

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A cotton ridger is a farm implement that is used for ridging multiple crops namely sugar cane, maize, cotton, etc. This farm implement is widely used among farmers and is considered one of the most productive agricultural tools.


By means of attaching itself to Massey Ferguson Tractors, the usability of the cotton ridger is increased significantly. It is used as an inter-row cultivator as being multi-purpose in nature. Structurally, it consists of fine 9 tines whereas its overall length and height are 90 inches and 43 inches respectively. It helps in the creation of ridges in the agricultural field for facilitating a better water flow. Besides, a cotton ridger can also be used as an earthing tool.


The minimum power requirement for a tractor to be compatible with a cotton ridger is 60 hp and onwards. A total of 9 tines can be calculated. A hydraulic system is seen to be a part of the farm implement. Overall length, height, and width are calculated to be 90 inches, 43 inches, and 36 inches respectively.


A cotton ridger is of extreme importance for the UAE agricultural fields as it aids in the creation of passage for expediting the water flow. It does this by opening furrows and creating ridges in the paddy agricultural fields. Higher crop growth is evident when the ridge-furrow planting technique is used enabling the usage of cotton ridgers. This farm implement in UAE is exclusively available on our online website in brand new condition. Buy it now and elevate your agricultural potential.