Fertilizer Spreader

Fertilizer Spreader

Fertilizer Spreader Specification
Attachment 3 Point Linkage system
Capacity 250Kgs – 1000kGs
Working Width 14m – 18m

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Uses & Benefits

A fertilizer spreader is a piece of agricultural machinery that can be used to apply uniform, aerated fertilizer coatings to lawns, beds, and fields. The benefits of a fertilizer spreader are many as it gives an even coat to the farm promoting accuracy and covering the work and need for manual labor.


This farm implement has a 3-point linkage system with anti-corrosive wings. It can be attached to any tractor and can be towed by an ATV as well. The capacity to hold the fertilizer is from 250 to 1000 kilograms. Furthermore, the working width is 14 to 18 meters.

Uses in UAE

There can be many climatic changes that take place and everyone wants improved yields. Hence, to improve the overall production output we can use fertilizer spreaders. This would be helpful for our UAE farmers. Our fertilizer spreaders eradicate soil compaction and support food production and nutrition.