Maize Sheller

Maize Sheller

Maize Sheller Specification
Operation: PTO Driven
Capacity: Upto 1ton/hr
Weight: Approx 200Kgs

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Uses & Benefits

Maize sheller is an agricultural machine which separates cobs and chaff from grains. It has different outlets which deliver clean grain, used cobs and chaff through it.

Maize sheller makes it possible to shell maize at a faster rate than when done with hand. It is a low cost but convenient device which doesn’t use any electricity and can be fixed on a wooden stool.


Massey Ferguson maize sheller is operated via PTO. It has a capacity of shelling up to 1 ton of maize kernel per hour. Massey Ferguson maize sheller weighs approximately up to 200 kilograms.

Uses in UAE

Massey Ferguson maize shellers are a widely used agricultural machinery in the UAE. These are used by farmers for mostly shelling purposes.