V Ditcher

V Ditcher

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A V ditcher is a tractor-mounted farm implement, easily available at our tractor company in UAE. It is named as such because it creates V-shaped ditches in the agricultural fields for improved water flow.

Uses & Benefits

A v ditcher is an important farming tool that contributes toward the management of nutrients within the soil and the collection of drainage waste at the end of the v ditches formed by it. Furthermore, it also aids in the improvement of the irrigation system by helping in the provision of a timely supply of water necessitated for crop growth.


A v ditcher can be compatible with a Massey Ferguson Tractor or any other tractor comprising a horsepower range of 50 hp or above. Hitches Category I, II & III can be seen. Plough angle and depth control are adjustable. With carbon steel, the body of v ditcher is made.

Uses in UAE

In the UAE farms, the scarcity of water is prevalent and is considered to be the major hindrance to the progress of crop expansion and growth. To overcome this issue, ideally, a number of farm implements have been supplied by our tractor dealer company. One of the remarkable farm implements is the v ditcher that not only aids in the improvement of water supply by forming v-shaped ridges but also tackles the drainage waste deposited at the edge of the v ditches. V ditchers are easily available at our online store at discounted prices.