Adjustable Pintle Hook

Adjustable Pintle Hook

Pintle Hook Specification
Weight: 39 kg , 50kg
Power required: 50hp above.
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Adjustable Pintle Hook is a farm implement consisting of hooks that assist in towing heavy weighing objects when adhered to any Massey Ferguson Tractor of comparable specification.


These towing hitches are extremely helpful on the roughest terrains. They are of mechanical significance in agriculture as with their assistance greater range of movement can be accomplished during heavy towing operations. These hitches are quite safe as the hooks cannot come off the vehicle if the locking pin is still present on the pintle. Besides, they are adjustable depending upon the size of the object that has to be towed.


The agricultural machinery, named adjustable pintle hooks are compatible with all those Massey Ferguson Tractors having 50 to 85 hp specifications. Both 35kg and 50 kg pintle hooks are easily available. Dimensions are measured to be 13 x 12 x 6 inches.


UAE’s deserts consist of some of the roughest terrain in the world therefore adjustable pintle hooks are extremely useful for such a landscape. These hooks stay connected to the tractor and the load on the uneven fields because of the presence of a large central ring. The pulled load is secured firmly despite being a bit playful due to the disturbance of the uneven road. In the agricultural fields of UAE, these hooks can tow approximately 6000 lbs. of load while being connected to a tractor of 30000 lbs. This farm implement in UAE can be of enhanced usage, bringing about an increase in the production rate of crops.