Sub Soiler

Sub Soiler

Model HFI-01/S
Linkage Category 1/2
Frame Heavy Duty Steel Channel
Width of Hal 31″ (78 cm)
Height of Hal 49.5″ (126 cm)
Length of Hal 30″ (76 cm)
Number of Blades 1
Weight 110 kg
Working Depth 21″ (53 cm)

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A subsoiler is a tractor-mounted farming tool that makes in-depth digging and tilling effortless.

Uses & Benefits

A subsoiler can also be understood as a tillage implement that breakdown the compacted soil in an effort to improve the growing crop setting. It is widely preferred by the farmers over disc harrows, rototillers, or moldboard ploughs as it is capable of digging deep into the depths beyond which any of these farm implements can work. Moreover, these subsoilers inhibit the soil compaction to a greater level.


A suitable tractor of 50 hp and above is easily compatible with the subsoiler. The plough width is 31” (78 cm), plough height is 49.5” (126 cm) and the plough length is 30” (76 cm). The total weight is measured to be 110 kg while the working depth is 21” (53 cm). The frame is made from heavy-duty steel channels.

Uses in UAE

This farm implement in UAE, namely the subsoiler, is of much importance for the Emirati farmers as they face a lot of discrepancies in terms of soil compaction and soil breakdown. To inhibit soil compaction, subsoilers are known to do wonders. Besides, for the breakdown of patchy and stony soil, no other farm implement other than a subsoiler is as credible.

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